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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: About Us?

Welcome to ZanVos!

My name is Zach Gust, the founder of ZanVos. What began as a high school project has blossomed into a business specializing in high-quality metal art.

Our journey started when I built my first CNC Plasma cutter from scratch during a high school metals class. It was around Mother's Day when I crafted my initial designs as gifts. After creating and perfecting my fifth design, I gifted one of these designs to my mom, and her enthusiasm inspired me to start selling my creations online.

Fast forward to today, ZanVos is based in St. Francis, Minnesota. We have significantly upgraded our equipment, now using state-of-the-art Fiber lasers to cut our signs. Each piece is meticulously crafted and then powder coated to ensure it withstands the test of time, offering both durability and elegance.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional metal art that can be customized to reflect your personal style. We take pride in every item we create, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Thank you for supporting ZanVos. We hope our art brings as much joy to your home as it does to our creative process.

Q: Where are you located?

We are located in Minnesota just north of Minneapolis. Land of the 10,000 lakes!

Q: What is the lead time?

3-15 business days. 

Q: Can I Hang this outside?

YES! All of our metal is powder Coated which means it is weather proof.

Q: What is Powder Coat?

Cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer.