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New Ceramics!

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  • Powder Coated

  • Manufactured In America

  • Rust Free

  • Laser Cut

18" x 18"24" x 24"30" x 30"36" x 36"42" x 42"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

We are located in Minnesota just north of Minneapolis. Land of the 10,000 lakes!

Q: Shipping Info - USA & International

United States Orders 

shipping is FREE for all USA orders

International Orders - Duties & Taxes

You will be liable for all import duties, customs and taxes. These will be due at the point of, or after delivery. Please be aware that we do not have any control for any duties, customs and taxes levied by the country your order is being shipped to. We cannot advise you what the cost will be as these charges can vary according to country.

Q: What is the lead time?

3-15 Business Days

HOLIDAYS 2020 UPDATES : We are not guaranteeing any delivery dates of orders for Christmas 2020. Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 affecting the various carriers and delivery services, we have no way of 100% guaranteeing that you will receive your order on a certain day, especially since our items are made to order.

Q: Can I Hang this outside?

YES! All of our metal is powder Coated which means it is weather proof.

Q: What is Powder Coat?

Cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer. When the process is complete our metal signs will never rust or tarnish.

Q: About Us?

My name is Zach Gust. I am 20 years old. I created Zanvos because I have always loved building stuff and wanted to build an online store were you can customize almost everything. How did I get started? When I was in High School I built a CNC Plasma cutter from scratch in metals class and that was right around Mothers day, so I began designing and cutting possible gifts for my mom. After the 5th design I knew this was the one. I gave it to my mom, and she loved it, that is when I started selling my designs online. Now I have my own shop in St. Francis, Minnesota and I cut all of my signs with the top of the line Fiber lasers, we then run the signs through our powder coat line, then out the door they go. That's a little bit about me, I hope you enjoy the store.


Perfect for everyone

Multiple sizes & colors to choose from 

Unique And Customizable

Quality made craftsmanship design by you

Great Conversation Piece

Can't be bought in stores 

Indoor or Outdoor use

With our powder coating technology you can place your sign anywhere without the worry of rust or corrosion for a lifetime to come!


Obviously, satisfaction can vary, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.  If you're not happy,  Let us know send it for a full refund on your first order, It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.



After Purchase your order goes through our cutting process where it is designed, programmed, then precisely cut by our top of the line ZanVos fiber lasers.


We then make sure the metal is properly cleaned & cut before going to the next step.


Now that the sign has been cut, cleaned it can now go through our powder coating system where your sign is hung and ran though our automated powder line so your sign comes out looking perfect.


And last but not least it's time for your sign to be boxed & Shipped. Before we box your sign it has to pass our strict QC so each and Every single sign is looking  perfect before we consider shipping it.


9 Lives Together Wall Art
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Address Antler Monogram
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$64.28$45.00
Address Monogram
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$92.86$65.00
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$107.14$75.00
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$49.99$12.99
Airplane Monogram
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$107.14$75.00
Aloha Sign
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$107.14$75.00
Always Be Humble
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$49.99$12.99
Always Stay Humble & Kind
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$64.28$45.00
Amazing Grace
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$49.99$12.99
American Outdoor
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$121.42$84.99
Anchor Address
${{amount}}" data-oldcurrency="USD">$92.86$65.00

Product Description

Hang your metal art with our super strong Magnetic Hanging Kit, which is designed to create a strong hook point on walls and ceilings. Each Magnetic Hanging Hardware Kit is strong enough to hang any decor piece and does absolutely no damage to your walls. Each magnet can support approximately a 26 lb vertical pull. These disc shaped magnets are perfect for hanging wall art and other DIY projects.  


  • Each kit comes with a set of 2 magnets and 2 screws
  • Each magnet holds up to 12kg/26lbs
  • Easy installation - takes less than 2 minutes